Review Policy

Insert Disc will operate a strict review policy that is both ethical and as constructive as it can possibly be. However we are not in the business of shitting on something just because we can. We want to celebrate the things that we review, whilst also giving constructive criticism as a user of the product*

We will happily review any product and if you are a developer, PR company or Publisher, and would like to send us details about your product/samples, then please email

All of our written reviews will include a score out of 10, which is based entirely on the reviewer and their objective and subjective process.

All of our video reviews will not include a score, but may reiterate the score given by a written review. This policy may also change at any time and will be updated here with the date it changed if it were to do so.

We will not accept any kind of financial or material compensation for providing a review of a product, favourable or otherwise. If any marketing or advertorial content is produced and published by Insert Disc then it will be clearly stated and will not impact any critical or opinion pieces.

If there is any kind of conflict of interest when it comes a review, this will be investigated and declared editorially before any content is produced.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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*Product = Game, Movie, TV Show, Book, DVD, Toy, Electronic Goods, Clothing, Etc.