Feed your Pigs in Farming Simulator 17 – News

Farming Simulator is a game that divides my friends between “what the hell are you doing, this is ridiculous” and “oh my god, I can cut down trees?”

Farming Simulator 17 looks to be no different in finding new ways to get people excited or confused, and we’ve just seena  new video from Focus Interactive showing us how to look after our livestock.

That’s right, there are several vehicles in the game for transporting, feeding and presumably joyriding your livestock such as pigs, to accompany the the already available sheep, chickens and cows. There are also different bonuses for looking after your animals well and feeding them carefully. More milk or wool can be earned from sticking to crafted diets and you can grow these foods yourself to minimise cost. We assume that pigs won’t actually provide much except keeping the political hierarchy of your animals in check.

The simulator now boasts up to 250 agricultural vehicles to drive, all licensed from the manufacturers and also promises community created mods (presumably for PC/Steam only). There’s also new types of crop including Sunflowers and Soy beans, so even if you don’t fancy farming properly, you can drive around and enjoy nice scenes.

Farming Simulator 17 is due on October 25th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and I for one am looking forward to tearing up a tractor around my farm with my steering wheel.

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