E3 2016 – Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft had their traditional anti-tradition conference. Swears, fan service and sarcasm galore, it never fails to deliver a laugh, even if the games do the same. This time we seem to be alright, except for the mass of dress up dancers, human giraffes and other crazy costumes on stage. Which leads us straight on to…


Just Dance 2017

Not much to say about this really. The game will be available on all platforms and PC from October and Nintendo NX in 2017.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands posits a fictional history of Bolivia where a drug cartel have effectively taken over the country and turned it in to a massive cocaine production factory. You’ll be playing as special operatives sent in to disrupt this. It’s the largest open world that Ubisoft have ever done apparently and has four separate environments and changing conditions. The game is due 7th March 2017. Here’s a cinematic and extended Gameplay trailer with traditional scripted voices.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have come to town to tell us about their sequal to The Stick of Truth. From being the new kid, Douchbag, playing Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings, to being more grown up and playing as superheroes with the Coon. Your status as “The King” has changed and now you must start over to win your friends affection back as the new kid… Douchebag. Then you can start a comic book movie franchise and make millions of dollars. Combat has now changed so that you aren’t in a fixed position and can move around the space. Think Banner Saga. Your fart power can now change time, so you can change what’s happening in a battle. Also anyone who buys the game will get The Stick of Truth for free at release on 6th December, or if you pre order, you can get the first game now. Here’s a trailer.


The Division: DLC

The Underground was already announced during the Xbox conference. To celebrate the 30th Ubisoft anniversary, there’s exclusive Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six outfits when Underground comes out, as long as you’re part of the Ubisoft Club. Underground takes you, well, underground for new missions and loot. That is coming on June 28th for Xbox One and PC with PS4 coming thirty days later, so late July.

Then the next DLC pack, Survival shows us a supplied strapped and blizzard ridden New York struggles to find a cure, food or water. The storm being a central focus of the problems at this stage of the virus event. No release date yet for this one.

Eagle Flight

VR time now as the founders and developers at Oculus show us Eagle Flight, showing us the “first ever VR PvP”. We see a capture the flag style game with the eagles flying around an overgrown Paris with buildings, reclaimed nature and animals everywhere. You carry a rabbit to the nests (flag to the base) and avoid being shot as you do it. You get boosts of speed with thermal wind pockets. It’s kind of realistic to the point where your eagle can shoot other eagles exactly like they can’t in reality. It’s coming to all VR platforms this fall.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Well… My god. It’s time to boldly go where VR has not gone before. A four player co-op bridge experiences with fully working consoles and everyone with a specific role like Engineer, Helm, Captain and Tactical. You’ll explore new worlds, get in fights and have the intensity of sharing an experience of being a part of a Starfleet ship crew. It’s a fully rendered Bridge based on the new Star Trek movie universe (I can’t imagine for a moment there won’t be more on a DLC or something) and the Star Trek nerd in me is a holodeck Sherlock Holmes adventure away from dying happy. The game will be coming out this fall on all major VR systems… Does that mean PSVR too?

For Honor

A game that’s been around for a while, For Honor is millennium long battle of war against different factions throughout history. Apollian, the antagonist breeds war against everything and everyone. We were treated to everyone’s favourite cane toting viking, Jason Vanderberghe talking us through the lore of the game. It looks like a cross between Ryse and Dynasty Warriors… But that’s totally cool. You’ll be able to store it in your scabbard on 14th February 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. There is an upcoming alpha that you can sign up for too over at their website.

Of course, we also get a gameplay video too.


Grow Up

A sequel to what was admittedly an experimental game about a wobbly red robot named Bud. This time, you get to leave Mum, and go around the entire globe. You can even bounce to the moon by planting and growing seeds. Grow Up is coming this August on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Trials of the Blood Dragon

To quote “Trials make baby with Blood Dragon” and that’s exactly what this is. Trials with the veneer of 80s insanity and child action excess. Oh and it’s out right now on PC, Xbox One and PS4. No need to wait. Go, go now. If you want I mean. You are your own person after all.

Watch_Dogs 2

We’ve seen a lot about Watch_Dogs 2 already thanks to last week’s leaks. You join Dedsec as actor Marcus Holloway, traversing the San Francisco Bay area, with a lot of hackable things, including cars, pranking people, flying drones and having an easier time finding co-op games. I don’t even care at this point because he’s 1000% better than Aiden Pearce and your character can look up. Although screw this guy with his emoticon mask. You’ve seen a lot already but here’s the E3 gameplay. Watch_Dogs 2 will be Playstation Exclusive for DLC  for thirty days. Oh and there’s a movie in the works too from Regency and Sony (Regency have also done the Assassin’s Creed movie).





A new game and a new property. Steep is a game that has a partially open world Alps (between Italy, Austria and Switzerland) that is designed as a giant extreme sports sandbox. Skiing, base jumping, snowboarding, hand gliding, you name it. The studio is based practically next to the mountains and the game seems to be based around that with challenges, competitions and skills to get combos, bonuses and just incredible views. Seriously, Mountain view shows everything zoomed out to see different drop zones for events. You also have replays, timed challenges and online play as well as solo. Mountains, snow, trees, beautiful scenery… I’m in. There’s also a public beta coming on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here’s the announcement and gameplay trailers.



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