E3 2016 – EA Play Roundup

EA’s new showcase event, simulcast from LA and London, took a different approach than most, giving a short show but hands on time for everyone there to tell you what everyone actually thinks of the games on display, which were Madden 17, FIFA 17, Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1.

Madden 17

It’s back and the focus this year seemed to be on the competitions created around the game with EA starting a year long eSports tournament with a prize of $1million.



This is the game that has had the most changed with the introduction of the Frostbite engine, replacing the EA Sports faithful Ignite engine (which Madden is still running on). The biggest changes are the introduction of fully animated and real Premier League managers in the game and a new career mode, called The Journey. Similar to the 2K style of career mode, you start as young footballer Alex Hunter at whatever club you choose and work your way through the tribulations of a burgeoning football career. The game promises overhauled AI and a more physical style of play.


Titanfall 2

Titanfall is back and this time, there will be a single player campaign, not just a story mode attached to some multiplayer. It tells the story of a Mech that attaches itself to a new pilot after his original pilot was killed in action.  There’s also more awesome looking multiplayer too with new maps, new skills and a lot of jumps and explosions.


Battlefield 1

DICE return to Battlefield and to a early 20th Century setting with this alt-history look at World War 1. Big team battles and huge destroyed landscapes beckon. There’s also new modes including the Operations mode that joins maps together so that teams can fall back to an entirely different area if overrun to regroup, in an attempt to echo the scale of the historical conflict.


Mass Effect Andromeda

No gameplay yet for the new Bioware Space RPG but there is a nice behind the scenes Dev Diary that shows off a bit of what the Frostbite engine is doing here.


EA Originals

After the success of Unravel last year, EA have launched a new Indie Label called EA Originals which will give 100% of the profits from a game back to the developer in order to help studio development. Sounds like a good idea, really. The first game we saw was Fe, a puzzle platformer about a fox from a small Gothenburg based studio.


Star Wars

There’s a lot happening in the Star Wars game universe. There’s a new Battlefront due in 2017, there’s DLC support for the original Battlefront until then as well, which will include content from the new movies and is being co-developed by Motion (you do see a slimpse of PS VR in there). We got a brief glimpse at the Visceral studio’s Star Wars effort, a third person game with new characters outside of our established movie lore. There’s also more to come from MMORPG The Old Republic by Bioware and a neat look at some lightsabre battle motion capturing by Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment.

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