Best FUT Forward: Bargain Basement #1 — David Luiz vs Yaroslav Rakitskiy

If you’ve decided to visit this obscure blog on FIFA Ultimate Team, then you know who this guy is.

Sideshow Bob lookalike and infuriatingly inconsistent “defender”, Brazilian international David Luiz is now a FUT veteran. Featuring in the mode since its debut in FIFA 10, with cards for Benfica, Chelsea and Paris St Germain, Luiz is a popular choice for players, due to his ability to play out from the back, his setpiece ability and his chemistry-friendly club/nationality combo.

Unfortunately, this mix of ability and convenience has resulted in Luiz being more expensive than ever, costing around 15,000 coins, should you wish to have him in your squad.

Probably much less well-known, this is Yaroslav Rakitskiy (the correct spelling of his surname…tut-tut, EA), a Ukrainian international plying his trade at the country’s biggest club, Shakhtar Donetsk.

Like Luiz, Rakitskiy falls within the category of “cultured”, with players using his wand of a left foot and 75 passing stat (there are similarly rated playmakers in the game who would kill for 75 passing) to start attacks from the back and bamboozle keepers with free kicks from 19 to 35 yards — Rakitskiy’s main card stats totalling 442, the same as Luiz.

And, unlike Luiz’s not-insubstantial price tag, Rakitskiy can often be found for close to discard value, meaning you’re buying an almost-identical player for 10 to 15 times fewer coins.

Yet, in spite of this similarity in ability, you very rarely see Rakitskiy in any squad you come up against. Two key things definitely go against him — he’s 5’10”, which is small for a central defender (for comparison, Luiz is 6’2”), and he’s a Ukrainian playing in the Ukrainian league, which can make him a chemistry nightmare for hybrid squads.

However, if you’re willing to place him in a triangle with Shakhtar teammates Oleksandr Kucher and Andriy Pyatov (who has a pretty cheap in-form available), then the perfect links created will allow you to surround him with players from any other nation at no cost to his chemistry.

Yes, David Luiz is unarguably a more famous player and, therefore, carries greater cachet in any squad. However, for just 700–1000 coins, Yaroslav Rakitskiy represents insane value for money, if you’re willing to work a little harder to make him fit. Snap him up and give it a go.

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